AgTravelSoft – a full featured cloud based software for tourist business

AgTravelSoft has emerged from an idea to create a full featured cloud based solution for managing tourist business.  Consisting of the extensive business experience in tourism, and equally large software development experience from Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, UK, and generally around Europe, AgTravelSoft is a software that no other software solution for managing tourist business can compete with.

AgTravelSoft, complies well with properly developed and managed websites for tourist business, because if your website gets you a lot of customers, then AgTravelSoft helps you manage them and their travel arrangements (travel contracts, tickets and hotel invoices, tourist vouchers, etc)

However, if your website does not get enough traffic, then AgTravelSoft makes it possible for you to market accommodation other than your own and improve your offer.

If you are looking for help in running your tourist bureau, than look no more!  AgTravelSoft is the right tourist business management solution for you, because it has everything you need.   Check out how AgTravelSoft does what it does, by visiting the page where the useful features of a real-life application for tourism are explained.

AgTravelSoft team