AgTravelSoft Features

As you have already understood, AgTravelSoft is a web based software for managing a tourist bureau or a travel agency.  Shortly said, it is an application for invoicing, contracting, booking, offers, analytics in tourism. If you use it in your everyday operations, you will be able to:

  • Use your tourism app across platforms – Androind, Windows, iOS, Linux…;
  • Use your tourism app across devices – smartphone, PC, Smart TV…;
  • Define your tour operators or tourist agents just once, and keep them in your system;
  • Define traveller’s data and keep it in the system for next trip;
  • Generate a travel service contract in a few simple clicks;
  • Generate invoices after you have sold traveling or accommodation arrangements;
  • Book your accommodation occupancy;
  • Offer your accommodation worldwide via one-click integration with large reservation systems;
  • Offer accommodation advertised by other people as your own via cross-system cooperation;
  • Many more interesting and useful features…

Still not convinced?  Schedule an online demo for yourself (it will take app 20 min) and see for yourself!